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Township Girls Compete at Gettysburg Duals

While the Township lads were battling at Escape the Rock on Saturday, the lasses has a business trip of their own. They traveled to Gettysburg to take part in the women's division of the dual tournament there. Manheim Township combined forces with McCaskey High school and Anneville-Cleona High School to create a full team.

The event was a success overall as the four township girls each came away with at least one victory on the day.

Bella Baccio, the savvy vet of the lady Blue Streaks lead the way on Saturday. Her experience on the mat shone through as she came out on the winning side of a scramble with double overhooks to pin down one of her opponents quickly in the first period.

Yenyia Terry showed why she's been earning the moniker "Cradle Queen" as she used a cross-face cradle in her match to secure her opponent's shoulders to the mat and earn a fall of her own.

The Blue Streak gals are a pinning bunch, as not soon after Zoe Caloviras dominated her way to a pin as well. She used multiple takedowns before hand to loosen up her opponent before throwing on a half nelson and securing another fall for the team. Zoe has been learning technique at a rapid pace and it clearly shows. The hard work is going to continue to pay off as she clearly has the hunger to be great.

Sarah Rager was not to be outdone by her teammates. The grappler proved that years of experience are irrelevant when one puts in the effort. Despite being on the mats for only a few short weeks, Sarah was able to earn a pin as well in her match. Sarah managed to find her rhythm in her match as she was able to get to her opponent's legs and secure a few takedowns. It was a beautiful double leg shot and finish that found her in the top position that then allowed her to secure a half nelson on her opponent and secure the fall. No one in the wrestling community would be able to argue against the need for woman's wrestling after seeing the unbridled joy spread across Sarah's face as she earned her first career win.

It was a day of great success, and many lessons learned. As Pennsylvania continues to push towards sanctioning Woman's Wrestling, the Manheim Towsnhip Blue Streaks are looking to throw their name in the ring for budding woman's teams in the best state of wrestling. The future looks bright for all involved in the program.

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